To the users of Hinode data analysis system

In March 2013, we replaced the servers and disk arrays for the database and data analysis system of Hinode Science Center (HSC). The new system is constructed not only for Hinode data, but also for the data obtained with the ground-base solar instruments of NAOJ (the instruments at Nobeyama, Norikura and Mitaka). Hence, you can analyze all solar data of NAOJ in the new system. There are large differences at the management’s point of view. Until the old system, we (the staffs of HSC) had constructed and maintained the system ourselves. From the new system, mainly Astronomical Data Center of NAOJ (ADC) and Fujitsu Ltd. constructed the system, and have the responsibility for the operation and maintenance except the Hinode database and the data analysis programs (ex. SSW, the inversion program for SP data). Hence, at first, we notice you that the scheme of the user support is changed.

Although there are the large differences from the old system, we tried to make the changes of the usage small. For examples;

  • You can use your login account (& password) of the old system for the new system
  • We moved your data in your home and data directories (/home/, /nfs/work/UserName) to the new system just before starting the operation of the new system. The Hinode database was also moved to the new system.
  • The configuration of the directories is the same as the old system.
  • The IDL starting command (SSWidl) is not changed. After starting the IDL, the usage in the IDL is the same as the current system.
  • The OS of the new system is the RedHat Enterprise Linux that is the same as the old system.

However, there are the large differences of the usages as follows.

  • When you used the old system, most of you connected to our servers through our SSH gateway “”. We stoped the SSH service at “” in March, and provide you the network connection from Internet to our system by the VPN system (see. "Access to SDAS by VPN").
  • Some of you have your personal homepage on our web site ( After opening the new system, we basically stop the service of personal homepages except for the staffs of NAOJ. If you want to use the personal homepage for the joint studies with NAOJ staffs, please ask us.
  • The name of the IDL analysis server is “sagami” and “suruga”.
  • The job management program of the PC cluster is changed from “Sun Grid Engine” to “LSF”.

Because the responsibility of the system operation and maintenance moved from HSC to ADC and Fujitsu, the account policy is changed a little as follows.

  • In old system, if you do not renew your account, your account is expired after one year from the previous extending procedure. After opening the new system, the expiration date of your account is reset to the end of March 2014. If you want to use your account in the new system continuously, you need to do the extending procedure in March every year.
  • When a researcher of non-Japanese institute wants to make new login account in our system, we request the introducer who is the researcher of the institute in Japan. We give you the login account after we confirm your identity by the introducer.

It is first time that ADC and Fujitsu Ltd. operate and maintain the database and data analysis system of solar observing data together with the solar projects of NAOJ. Although we will make efforts to operate the new system smoothly, it is unavoidable to fall into confusion just after starting the operation, we think. To reduce your troubles in the phase, we continue to operate the old system until the end of August 2013. However, there are some limitations, as follows.

  • You cannot access the old system through “” using SSH. You have to use the VPN system of the new system even when you use the current system. Provisionally, we provide the ssh connection service until 31 May, 2013. The temporal SSH server is "". Please change the connection method from SSH to VPN by 31 May, 2013.
  • You cannot open your data to the public by the web server of the old system.
  • One of the new IDL servers of the new system is named “sagami”. Hence “sagami” of the old system is changed to "sagami-old".
  • After starting the operation of the new system, the data made by the old system (“suou”, “sanuki” and former “sagami-old”) is not transferred to the new system, automatically. Please transfer the data by yourself.

At the end of August 2013, we stop operating the old system. Please shift your data analysis environment from the old system to the new system within the period.

  • We stopped the SSH gateway server ( on 31 May 2013.
  • We stopped the operation of the old system (“suou”, “sanuki” and “sagami-old”) on 31 August 2013.