Access to SDAS from Internet by VPN connection

To access the SDAS from the Internet, you can use our VPN conenction service. When you use the VPN service, you need to follow "Bylaw on the VPN service". At first, please read this document.

1:Download of the VPN client

To connect the SDAS through the VPN, you need to install the VPN client software to your PC. At first, please download the VPN client from the following links.

Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac OS X

Linux 64 bit

Linux 32bit (not supported)

Requirements for VPN client software "AnyConnect"

2: Install and Startup of the VPN client

Note: When you install the VPN client, you need to use the "root" account or the administrator account of your PC.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Execute "anyconnect-Windows.msi" and setup it.
  2. Start AnyConnect.
    EX) "Start" menu => "ALL programs" => "Cisco" => "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client"

Apple Mac OS X

  1. Execute "anyconnect-macosx.dmg".
  2. Enter VPN icon.
  3. WebSecurity is unchecked on 'Custom Install on "Macintosh HD"' screen.
  4. Start AnyConnect.
    EX) "Application" => "Cisco" => "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Clien"

Linux (64bit)

  1. Execute "# tar xvzfanyconnect-linux64.tar.gz"
  2. Change directory "cd /anyconnect-[version]/vpn" and run "./"
  3. Start AnyConnect.
    EX) % /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/vpnui

3: Connect to SDAS

  1. Enter "", and click "connection"
  2. Enter user ID and password (*2) on "user authentication" screen.
  3. Open Terminal, and log in the IDL server of SDAS using the following commands.
    ssh -X
    ssh -X
  4. (*1) We will obtain a CA cerfificate future, and the "cautions" screen is displayed until then. Please understand the situation.
    (*2) The ID and password is the same as you log into the SDAS servers.
If you have the questions about VPN, please send the mail to sysadm[_at_]