• Watanabe, Tetsuya (Project Director, EIS, Professor)
  • Suematsu, Yoshinori (SOT, Public outreach, Associate Professor)
  • Sekii, Takashi (SOT, Associate Professor)
  • Hara, Hirohisa (EIS, XRT, Associate Professor)
  • Kano, Ryohei (XRT, SOT, Associate Professor)
  • Shimojo, Masumi (HSC, SOT, XRT, Assistant Professor)
  • Katsukawa, Yukio (SOT, Assistant Professor)
  • Kubo, Masahito (SOT, Assistant Professor)
  • Ishikawa, Ryoko (Assistant Professor)
  • Lee, Kyoung-Sun (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Inoue, Naoko (Public outreach, Technical Expert)
  • Ishii, Shuichi (Research Supporter)
  • Gotou, Motoshi (Guest Associate Professor, NIFS)
  • Nitta, Shin-ya (Guest Researcher)
  • Yokoi, Nobumitsu (Guest Researcher)
  • Kambara, Nagaaki (Graduate Student)
  • Yoshida, Masaki (Graduate Student)
  • Hatta, Yoshiki (Graduate Student)
  • Fujiyoshi, Marie (Secretary)
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