December 9 - 10, 1999

Sagamihara City Science Museum, near ISAS, Japan



Takeo Kosugi (ISAS)

Tetsuya Watanabe and Toshifumi Shimizu (NAO)



Dear Colleagues,


Since the first international Solar-B team meeting was held this March, many efforts have been accumulated for designing the three mission instruments, i.e., the Solar Optical Telescope/Magnetograph (SOT), the  X-ray  Telescope (XRT), and the EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS). In parallel,  the satellite system design including the Mission Data Processor (MDP) has been progressed much basically inside Japan, with many interfaces with the mission instruments clarified. Now it is time for all the Solar-B team members togather and discuss again the Solar-B science goals and how we will achieve these goals basing upon the instrumental capabilities and limitations which have so far become clearer as the design works have progressed.


This meeting will be held for the following purposes:


1) To have a common understanding on the individual instruments design,capablilities and limitations. Each of the instrument sub-teams will present a consice summary of the design with emphasis on its advantages and limitations;


2) To discuss scientific objectives basing upon the current design of the satellite system and its mission instruments and from the  viewpoint of coordinated observations among the three instruments;


3) To have a clear understanding on mission operations and data  handlings;




4) To pinpoint design-related issues that may remain and be improved.


Some programmatic issues will be also discussed such as ground stations support and so on.


This meeting is basically a team meeting and most of the  PI  and  CoI  team members are expected to attend. Scientists  participating to the Yohkoh Eighth Anniversary Symposium on Explosive Phenomena in Solar and Space Plasmas held on December 6through 8 to be held just before this meeting  and are interested in the Solar-B science are welcome to attend  and  contribute to the discussions.


A draft agenda is appended below. Any comments are welcome. Please contact:


   Takeo Kosugi at,

   Tetsuya Watanabe at, and/or

   Toshifumi Shimizu at


at your earliest convenience.


The registration to this meeting is linked to that for the Yohkoh Eighth Anniversary Symposium. Those who plan to attend the Symposium do not need to separately register your participation to this meeting.


If you plan to only attend this meeting, please contact:


   Keiko Daiguji, secretary for Takeo Kosugi,



for hotel reservation and so on.


With best regards,


Takeo Kosugi

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS)   

3-1-1 Yoshinodai, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229-8510, Japan

Phone (+81) 42-759-8175

FAX   (+81) 42-759-8457



Tentative Agenda


 (Thursday, Dec. 9, am)


I. Satellite System and the Mission Instruments


     Solar-B system and the mission                .... T. Kosugi and MELCO

     Mission Data Processor (MDP) and DHU        .... K. Matsuzaki

     Solar Optical Telescope (SOT): OTA           .... K. Ichimoto

                               FPP            .... LMATC

     X-ray Telescope (XRT)                      .... T. Sakao and SAO


 (Thursday, Dec. 9, pm)


     EUV Imagig Spectrometer (EIS)               .... T. Watanabe and MSSL/NRL


     Coordinated observations                     .... T. Shimizu


II. Science Objectives


     Coronal heating; theory and observations        .... T. Sakurai

     Coronal structure and dynamic phenomena       .... K. Shibata


     Contributed talks


 (Friday, Dec.10, am)


II. Science Objectives


     Contributed talks (continued)


 (Friday, Dec.10, pm)


III. Mission Operations and Coordination (Discussions) ... T. Shimizu (convener)


IV. Mission Planning, Data Usage, and Archiving (Brief Discussions)

                                                       ... T. Watanabe (convener)


Programmatic Meetingss


A programmatic meeting, attended by ISAS, NASA, and  PPARC  representatives and PIs will be held Thursday, December 9  evening  (and  possibly  Friday, December 10 evening). The topics include the project schedule, budget,  and related key issues.


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