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The list of on-going studies using Hinode data

The list of on-going studies using Hinode data

** Attention **
On-going study list is temporarily unavailable. (2012/9/19)

How to browse on-going studies

When you click the link, you can see 10 recent posted studies.

If you want to look for the studies interesting of you, you can use the search system at the top part on the page. The system searches out the word that you input from the topic (author, keyword, abstract) that you chose, and displays the list of the relating studies. And, if you want the Ph.D themes from the list, please click the "PhD theme list"link. The system displays the list of the Ph.D themes.

If you want to read the description of the studies, click the "Show" link. The brief description of the studies is displayed.

How to post a brief description of your current study

If you want to post your studies to the list, click the "New item" link. When you click the link, the posting form is displayed. Please enter the following subject.

  • Title: The title of your study
  • Author: Your name(*)
  • Affiliation: Author's Affiliation (*)
  • E-mail: Author's E-mail Address (*)
    After the registration of your study, The system sends the record of your studies to the e-mail address.
  • Co-Author: Co-authors of your study.
  • keywords: Please enter free keywords of your study.
  • Astract: The brief description of your study.
    When the study progress and you found some results, please update the part.
  • PhD theme?: If your study is for PhD these, check it.
  • Comment: If you presented the meeting or publised a paper, please update the part.
  • Password: The password is needed for updating.
  • Re-enter password: same as "Password"
  • (*) Please enter only one. If you enter more than one, your study is not registered.
After finish entering the form, click the "Register" bottom. If you want to modify your description, click the "Edit" link in your entry of the list page. You can modify, but you need the password.

If you do not update within one year after updating your entry, your entry is expired and is not displayed in the list.

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