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All the data obtained with Hinode are available from DARTS

Hinode DARTS User Guide

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Description of Hinode level-0 FITS file

Hinode DARTS is a web-based comprehensive data archive hosted at ISAS/JAXA. Hinode Science Center (HSC) is developing data search and aquisition system for the Hinode in collaboration with ISAS/JAXA PLAIN Center. The amount of data obtained with the Hinode is quite large because the Sun is close enough to us to resolve its dynamic features and the Sun synchronous orbit of the spacecraft allows continuous observation. Besides that, the Hinode normally focus on a part of the Sun in order to achieve high spatial resolution. Thus it is crucial to provide a database with which users can easily find the data of interest.

The following are the key features of Hinode DARTS.

  • Web-based interface: Anyone can use the system with conventional web-browser.
  • Quick look image: Quick look image is provided to see the contents immediately after the query. There is also a plot showing the location of the field of view on the Sun.
  • Movie data: Movie of continuous observation is particularly helpful for tracking the evolution of dynamic phenomena. Movies are prepared in ordinary MPEG-2 format.
  • Data acquisition through FTP: All the requested data are compressed into a single tar file, which can be retrieved from our FTP site.

The HSC is developing the Hinode DARTS in collaboration with ISAS/JAXA PLAIN Center, namely the following aspects.

  • Determining specification of the DARTS
  • Defining FITS keywords for the Hinode, which are used as query keys in DARTS.
  • Establishing the shceme for data search
  • Implementation of quick look image using IDL
  • Composing movie data in MPEG-2 format
  • Processing three dimensional vector magnetic field from the SOT data

ISAS/JAXA PLAIN Center is responsible for the development of web-based interface for data search and jointly maintaining the DARTS system with the NAOJ.

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