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Press release of Hinode initial results

27 November 2006
Naional Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ/NINS)
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS/JAXA)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

After its launch on 22 September 2006, the Hinode spacecraft is working successfully. We are presenting movies of dynamic phenomena of the Sun demonstrating high performance of three telescopes on Hinode. One of the highlights is a dynamic eruption above a sunspot seen in Ca II H spectral line, which has been first discovered by Solar Optical Telescope (SOT). We are confident that Hinode mission continue to bring us with astonishing scientific results.

Presentation material

  • High resolution images obtained with Solar Optical Telescope on Hinode
    [PDF] [PowerPoint®]


  • High resolution movies in G-band (430nm) and Ca II H (397nm) showing the motion of granules and small magnetic flux
    [pseudo-color] [grayscale]
  • Evolution of a Sun spot seen in longitudinal magnetogram and Ca II H filtergram
    [pseudo-color] [grayscale]
  • Newly discovered eruption observed in Ca II H (397nm) above a Sun spot.
    [pseudo-color] [grayscale]
  • Close-up movie of granule seen in G-band (430nm)
  • Coronal loops in an active region seen by X-Ray Telescope (XRT)
    [pseudo-color] [grayscale]
  • Co-aligned coronal loops and magnetogram
  • Co-aligned coronal loops and G-band images

High resolution images

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