Solar-B DARTS User Guide

  1. Choose instrument(s) from SOT-FG, SOT-SP, XRT, and EIS
  2. Press [Basic] button to proceed
  3. Specify observation time and target position ranges

    Start: 2005/01/01 00:00 (UT)
    End: 2005/12/01 00:00 (UT)
    X(arcsec): 0 Y(arcsec): 0
    X range: 1000 Y range: 1000

  4. Select observables
  5. Press [Show * List] to obtain the file list
  6. Check the data of your interest
  7. Press [Get Data] button
  8. Enter your name and valid E-mail address and then press [OK] button
  9. Confirm your E-mail address and press [OK] button
  10. You will soon receive an E-mail notifying the location of the tar file

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