How to use the SSW-IDL on the open-use system of ADC

The SSW+IDL data-analysis environment is enabled to use on Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System since 18 October 2017. In the page, we describe "How to start SSW-IDL?", "Data-analysis manuals of instruments" and "The location of the solar-observing database on ADC system".

How to start SSW-IDL?

After login to the ADC Intractive data-analysis servers, you can start the SSW-IDL data-analysis enviroment using the following command.


Data-analysis manuals of instruments

The directories of solar observing data and software
on ADC Open-use data-anaysis servers

  • SSW: /solar/share/ssw
  • SSWDB: /solar/share/sswdb
  • Solar Science Observatory
    • Ground-Base Observations
      • 25cm Coronagraph
      • 10cm Coronagraph
      • White-Light Telescope
        • Sunspot Relatuve Number
        • Full-sun images with white light
        • Full-sun images with H-alpha
      • Solar Flare Telescope
        • Partial Images (active regions) with H-alpha
        • Partial vector magnetograms (active regions)
        • Full-sun Stokes-IQUV data obtained with IR magnetograph
        • Full-sun image with H-alpha
    • Satellite Observations
      • Hinode
        • Hinode Level-0 Data (un-calibrated FITS data)
          • SOT: /solar/hinode_fits/sot
          • XRT: /solar/hinode_fits/xrt
          • EIS: /solar/hinode_fits/eis
        • SOT-SP Level-1 Data (Stokes-IQUV FITS data)
        • SOT-SP Level-2 Data (vector magnetogram FITS data)
  • Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory
    • Nobeyama Radio Polarimeters(NoRP)
      NoRP is operated by Solar Science Observatory since 1 April 2019.
      • raw data
      • xdr data (Calibrated, include the event data)
      • Meta data (avg, daily, etc.)
    • Nobeyama Radioheliograph(NoRH)
      NoRH is operated by the International Consortium for the Continued Operation of NoRH since 1 April 2015.
      • raw data
      • Synthesized images with 10-mins cadence (FITS data)
      • Synthesized images of flares (FITS data)
      • Meta data(info, tcx, tsx, etc)
  • Other observing data
    • RHESSI
    • IRIS