Announcements from System Administrator of SDAS

Started the operation of the new system

We finished the replacements of the servers of the SDAS, and started the new system on today. Since the new system, the following functions are omitted.

  • Hinode: Sharing the filesystem of JAXA/ISAS for The Level-Q data to SDAS
  • Mirroring of the observing data of IRIS and RHESSI

Thank you for your attentions and support.

(June 17, 2024)

What is the Solar Data Archive System (SDAS) @ ADC

In March 2013, the Solar Data Analysis System (SDAS) at Astronomy Data Center (ADC)/NAOJ was constructed from the data archive/analysis systems of Hinode Science Center, Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory, and Solar Observatory. Since March 2018, the open-use service of solar data-analysis environment is migrated to Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System at the Astronomy Data Center/NAOJ, and SDAS has focused on the archiving and providing of solar data. Due to the transition, you can use most of the computer resource of ADC for solar data analysis.

When you want to analyze the solar data on ADC system, at first, please submit the application for the account of Multi-wavelength Data Analysis System from the web page. The information how to use solar data-analysis environment on ADC is presented in the "SSW+IDL on ADC" page on the website.