Past Announcements

System maintenance: 18 -- 24 March

Due to the large-scale system maintenance, all servers of SDAS are down in the following period.
21:00, 18 March -- 14:00, 24 March [UT]
During the period, all services of SDAS are suspended.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Thank for your cooperation and understanding.
(9 March, 2018)

Termination of the solar data-analysis environment service on SDAS

The current SDAS is shutdown on 13 February 2018 (JST).

See this page for details.
(22 Janurary, 2018)

Shutdown of the SDAS system

The SDAS will be unavailable due to a power interruption in Mitaka Campus, NAOJ, and the works for the computer system replacement.

7:00JST, 18 Nov. (Sat) - 13:00JST, 21 Nov. (Tue) (Max.)
(The end time depends on the progress of the work.)

(10 November, 2017)

Shutdown of the SDAS system

The SDAS will be unavailable due to a power interruption in Mitaka Campus, NAOJ.

3 December (Saturday), 7:00JST(Fri 22:00UT) -- 21:00JST(12:00UT)

(November, 2016)

The maintenance of the scratch area /nfs/scr02 on Oct. 1

Due to the maintenance of the filesystem of the scratch area /nfs/scr02, we will suspend the service of scr02 on 1 October 2015. This day is the nominal clean-up day of scr02. Usually, all files in scr02 are deleted at 19:00UT on the clean-up day. On next clean-up day, scr02 is unavailable to use from 00:00UT, then, all files in scr02 are deleted and the maintenance of scr02 is started. The scratch area scr02 will be back by 08:00UT. The maintenance of the other scratch areas is planned on the next clean-up day. (scr01: Feb. 1 / scr03: Dec. 1)

We apologize for the inconvenient.

(September 10, 2015)

The update of NoRH database is interrupted from Feb. 25.

Due to the replacement of the data storage/processing server of Nobeyama Radioheliograph (NoRH) located in Nobeyama, the update of NoRH database on the SDAS is interrupted from 25 Feb. The replacement includes the reconstruction of the data processing system of making the NoRH database, hence we need two weeks for completing the replacement. We plan to restart the update of the NoRH database on the SDAS on 9 March.

The replacement doesn’t influence the database of Nobeyama Polarimeters (NoRP).

(February 23, 2015)

Shutdown of the SDAS system

SDAS system will be unavailable because of the scheduled blackouts on Mitaka Campus, NAOJ.

8 November (Saturday).
7:00 JST(Fri 22:00UT) -- 21:00 JST(12:00UT)

We apologize for the inconvenience.

(October 10, 2014)

Shutdown of the SDAS system

SDAS system will be unavailable because of the interruption of Power Supply in Mitaka Campus, NAOJ.

9 November (Saturday).
7:00 JST(00:00UT) -- 21:00 JST(00:00UT)

We apologize for the inconvenience.

(November 1, 2013)

The system usage web page is available.

SDAS has the two IDL servers, the three scratch areas and the public-use PC cluster, hence you might be at a loss which server (scratch area) is useful for your analysis, we thought. To resolve the issue, we opened the system usage web page that includes the graphs of "CPU Usage", "Load Average" and "Disk Space". When you use the SDAS, please watch the page and cooperate for the load balancing of the SDAS.

(September 20, 2013)

Shutdown of the ols system (the data analysis system of HSC)

[The announcement is for the users who had used our system before March 2013.]

To realize smooth the transition of your data analysis environment from the computer system of Hinode Science Center (the old system) to SDAS, we have been operating the old system after opening SDAS. Since most of you succeeded the transition, we will shut down the old system on 31 August, as we announced in this January.

From September 1, the old IDL servers [sagami-old, suou, sima, sanuki] will be disable, and all data on the old system will be deleted on August 31.

If you are still using the old system, please move your data analysis environment to SDAS. If you created the files on the old system after March 26, please transfer your data to SDAS or your system by yourself, as soon as possible.

  • Note: Your data that were created until 26 March on the old system were already transferred to SDAS by the administrators, except the data in the scratch area.

(July 18, 2013)

Dear users of Cisco Anyconnect for Mac OS X

From those who use the Cisco Anyconnect for Mac OS X, the example to which connection with the software via a web becomes unstable was reported during VPN connection. We announce you the ways of coping.
(Trouble has been reported by connection of Subversion of the web version. Those who are using the VPN for NAOJ staff are removed. )

[Fresh or Re-installation]
Please install by unchecking the "WebSecirity" function on the screen of "Custom installation".

[Already installed]
In terminal of your using Mac,

$ cd /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin
$ sudo ./

We apologize for the inconvenient.
(July 1, 2013)

RHESSI database on the local filesystem of SDAS is available.

We finished the copy of the full-set RHESSI database to our filesystem and started synchronizing the database to the master database of GSFC/NASA. From now you can analyze the RHESSI data on SDAS using the database in the SDAS disk. Any additional procedures by a user are not needed for using the RHESSI database in SDAS. Please refer to the following homepage for the RHESSI data analysis.

(June 6, 2013)

Shutdown of the SSH gateway server (

To realize the smooth transition of your data analysis environment from the computer system of the Hinode Science Center to the SDAS, we are providing the SSH connection service by the SSH gateway server ( The SSH connection service is the transitional service and we stop the SSH gateway server on 31 May 2013 as we already announced. We are providing the VPN connection service that is the standard connection service of the SDAS. If you are using the SSH gateway server ( for connecting to the SDAS yet, please change the connection method from SSH to VPN. The manual of the VPN system of the SDAS is written in the following web page.

  • Access to SDAS from Internet by VPN connection
(April 24, 2013)

Open the common use of the SDAS on 28 March, 2013

We are pleasure to inform you that we opened the Solar Data Analysis System at ADC on 28 March, 2013.

Because the accounts database is handed over from the data analysis system operated by Hinode Science Center, you can log in the SDAS using your account & password of Hinode's system. There are some differences between Hinode's system and the SDAS. Please read "To the users of Hinode data analysis system" before using the SDAS.

If you do not have your account of Hinode's system, please apply for the user account from "User Account Application" page.

(March 28, 2013)