Total Eclipse in Orbit

Hinode experienced total eclipse in orbit on 2007 March 19, while it was just a partial eclipse on the ground. These data are used to measure scatterd light of telescopes. X-ray Telescope (XRT) obtained full disk images during the total eclipse in soft X-ray images. Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) was pointed at disk center and witnessed shadow of mountains on the Moon.

  • XRT movie [grayscale]

  • XRT movie [pseudo-color]

  • XRT snapshots
    xrt_20070319_025304 2.png XRT_eclipse_aa 2.jpg
    xrt_20070319_025540 2.png XRT_eclipse_bb 2.jpg
  • SOT snapshots
    sot_20070319_025206_bc 2.jpg sot_20070319_025206_bc_r 2.jpg
    sot_20070319_025922_cn 2.jpg sot_20070319_025922_cn_r 2.jpg
  • Predicted path

    soma_prediction070319_2a 2.png
    Calculated by Dr. Soma at NAOJ

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