Instructions for Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentation

  • The speakers of the plenary sessions are requested to include introductory material (two slides at least) at the beginning of their presentation to show the general background of their topic, and also to avoid using technical terms specific to their research fields.
  • All speakers are requested to bring their own PC for presentation.
  • The projector is connected to computers via a D-sub 15-pin plug (VGA). Bring your own adaptor if needed.
  • We recommend to check the connection to the projector before your session starts.

Poster Presentation

  • The panel size available for each poster is 90 cm (width) x 240 cm (height).
  • Poster presentations are divided into two groups (Group-A and Group-B). The authors should be present at their posters in their assigned core times.


    • Period: The morning of 3 September (Tue) until 17:00 on 4 September (Wed)
    • Core time: 16:00-18:00 on 3 September (Tue)


    • Period: The morning of 5 September (Thu) until 17:00 on 6 September (Fri)
    • Core time: 16:00-18:00 on 5 September (Thu)

Presentation File Upload

We will have a password locked web site to share the presentation files (slides or poster) with participants. For this purpose, please send your files to the LOC by either of the following methods:

The due date is 20 September, Friday.