Hinode Science Center

The objective of the Hinode Science Center (HSC) is to boost the scientific achievement of the Hinode (Solar-B), which was launched in September 2006, by providing a full access to the reformatted data and facilities necessary for the data analysis. Visitors to NAOJ are allowed to use workstations at HSC to study the Hinode data. We also provide an access over internet to HSC for remote users.

One of the features of the HSC is a PC cluster which is capable of performing the Stokes inversion to derive vector magnetic field from the spectro-polarimetric data of SOT/SP and the local-helioseismology to study the distribution of physical quantities below the photosphere. The PC cluster is a distributed computer system composed of a number of ordinary PC components to carry out heavy calculations. With the pipeline system, we will process vector magnetic field maps from all the SOT/SP data on a daily basis so that you can get scientific data without performing Stokes inversion on your own.

Because the Sun is close enough to us to resolve its spatial structures, you can observe dynamic phenomena of the Sun. Particularly, the Hinode will provide us with continuous high resolution images, and such a wealth of movies will lead to an exciting discovery in solar physics. We will compose movies in conventional format and distribute them at our web site or in the form of DVD so that they can be accessible not only to scientists but also to the public.

While the Hinode is aimed at solar research, it is also driving collabolations with related research fields such as geophysics and space weather.

The following are the agenda for the HSC.

  1. Constructing the PC cluster and analysing system for the public use
  2. Establishing automatic pipeline for the vector magnetogram of the SOT data
  3. Developing a data search and distribution system in cooperation with JAXA
  4. Trial run for the convesion of observational data into movies and publishing of DVD

In March, 2013, we constructed the Solar Data Analysis System (SDAS) with Astronomy Data Center/NAOJ, and opened it to public use. The system is the succeeding system of Hinode data analysis system and you can use the system for data analysis of Hinode. The detail of the SDAS is appeared in the following homepage.

Solar Data Analysis System (SDAS)

The HSC is founded by NAOJ Hinode with the supports of ADAC/NAOJ and Plain Center of ISAS/JAXA in 2006. The HSC is contributing to the fundamental study of space weather and the establishment of its forecasting algorithm. The HSC is supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research "The Basic Study of Space Weather Prediction" (17GS0208, Head Investigator: K. Shibata) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Technology, and Culture of Japan in additon to the NAOJ internal funding.

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