International Meetings

1st SOLAR-B Science Meeting 9-10 December 1999 at Film Center near ISAS
2nd SOLAR-B Science Meeting 4-6 December 2000 at Film Center near ISAS
3rd SOLAR-B Science Meeting 25-26 January 2002 at Kona, USA
4th SOLAR-B Science Meeting 3-5 February 2003 at ISAS and NAOJ
5th SOLAR-B Science Meeting 12-14 November 2003 at Tokyo, Japan
6th SOLAR-B Science Meeting 8-11 November 2005 at Kyoto, Japan
Extended 17th SOT Meeting 17-20 April 2006 at NAOJ

Initial Results from Hinode
Workshop in Memory of Takeo Kosugi

24-27 April 2007 at NAOJ

1st Hinode Science Meeting
Announcing First Results from Hinode

20-24 August 2007 at Dublin, Ireland

2nd Hinode Science Meeting
Beyond Discovery - Toward Understanding

29 Septempber -

3 October 2008

at Boulder, USA

3rd Hinode Science Meeting

1-4 December 2009

at Tokyo, Japan

4th Hinode Science Meeting
Unsolved Problems and Recent Insights

11-15 October 2010

at Palermo, Italy

5th Hinode Science Meeting
Exploring the Active Sun

10-14 October 2011 at Cambridge, USA

6th Hinode Science Meeting

13-17 August 2012 at St. Andrews, UK

7th Hinode Science Meeting

12-15 November 2013 at Hida, Japan

8th Hinode Science Meeting

2-6 November 2014 at Portland, USA

9th Hinode Science Meeting

14-18 September 2015 at Belfast, Northern Ireland

10th Hinode Science Meeting

5-8 September 2016 at Nagoya, Japan

11th Hinode Science Meeting

30 May - 2 June 2017 at Seattle, USA

12th Hinode Science Meeting

10-13 September 2018 at Granada, Spain

Hinode-13/IPELS 2019

2-6 September 2019 at Tokyo, Japan

Domestic Meetings in Japan

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Workshops hosted by Hinoce Science Center

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